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Chris Baclayon Web Designs

20 Years of Web Development

Chris Baclayon has been working with the online medium since 1996 and has been developing websites professionally since 1999. He has developed websites for the University of West Florida, the Haas Center for Business Research & Economic Development, the City of Milton, Florida, and the Gannett's Pensacola News Journal. 

Currently, he is the lead web designer at Sacred Heart Health System in Pensacola, Florida. He is also providing web site support for Bixler Insurance Adjusters and comic book artist, Josh George. 

Featured Projects

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Recent Projects

Web site projects that Chris Baclayon has recently worked on.

Old Projects

A glimpse of past projects.
 The following is a representation of past web projects that Chris Baclayon has worked on. Most of these web site designs have been updated, replaced, or no longer exist on the Web.